Welcome to ConsoleModShop.co.uk & ConsoleModShop.com!

We offer repairs, modifications and upgrades for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 / PS3. We also sell stock replacement parts too! If you want something that isn't here, feel free to drop us an e-mail or call and we will let you know what we can do. *All our Prices are inclusive, No Hidden Charges!*

The site is being constantly updated and we will be adding new stuff all the time.

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Happy New Year!

ConsoleModShop.co.uk is offering a �5 off any service in January to celebrate the new year!

Just quote JAN12 when paying for your discount.

James - CMS



Happy Birthday

ConsoleModShop.co.uk is 2 years old!

Thanks to all our customers for another great year.

James - CMS



Happy New Year!

ConsoleModShop.co.uk is offering a �5 off any service in January to celebrate the new year!

Just quote JAN11 when paying for your discount.

James - CMS



Happy Birthday ConsoleModShop.co.uk!

ConsoleModShop.co.uk has been around for a whole year! As a little treat to our customers, quote NOV10 for £5 off any order all this month!

James - CMS



We have added a DIY section for those of you looking to save some money or even for those who want to try fixing etc. yourself!

Check out our new D.I.Y Section!

Clicking the links will take you to a place where you can buy the guides, manuals and all you need to do everything yourself and they're really easy =)

James - CMS



Today we managed to buy www.ConsoleModShop.com, You can save either as a bookmark.

Don't be alarmed if the website shows www.bluebolt44.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/consolemodshop/

That's our page aswell!




We have had a large influx of orders, but we are all sorted now.

We should be able to complete any new orders in under 48 hours of receiving them!




We have been receiving lots of questions about how to pay for items.

We are happy to accept Cash payments upon picking up fixed consoles instead of using PayPal and of course, you can drop the console to us personally.

Just call ahead first!




The site is currently being updated to offer drop-off (free) in the menu aswell as the option for posting, hopefully changes will show in the next few days.

Thanks for your patience!




It's taken us a little longer than expected to update the site but to let everyone know:

If you wish to drop your consoles off personally rather than post them, that's completely fine!

Please ring ahead to arrange a time for drop-off if you wish to do so.




Happy New Year!

All of us at ConsoleModShop.co.uk hope you had a great christmas and have an even better new year.




We are still taking orders up until the 22nd of December for anyone who requires Repairs or Mods!




Site is Finished and up and Running, Everything is Sorted! We are Officially 'Open for Business'!




Site is nearly Finished, PayPal Buttons being added as we type!




Site is half done. We're almost Ready to Go! Hope to see you soon...

CMS (ConsoleModShop.co.uk)