Terms and Conditions

- Terms of Services Offered                                                        - Pricing of Items and Services

- Images and Descriptions of Items                                             - Disclaimer, Liability and Proceedings

- Damages, Breakages and Disclaimer                                          - Goods in Transit

- Shipping Methods and Returns                                                 - Data Collection and Distribution

- Communication                                                                       - Warranty

- The Law                                                                                 - Acceptance of Terms and Conditions



Terms of Services Offered

The services we offer are on an as-is basis and can be changed, amended or cease to exist at any time.

In the case of a service being chosen and paid for during and it then being amended or removed from the site completely; If we can no longer complete this service, a full refund will be given (except postage costs the customer has incurred posting any items to us aswell as postage costs incurred sending the customers item back to them).

If a service changes and it has been already paid for, the customer will be offered the new, amended service at no extra cost to them if feasible or a full refund if the service is no longer wanted by the customer (except any postage costs incurred by the customer posting items to us, and postage costs incurred by us sending items back to the customer).

If an item is out of stock, the customer will be informed during or shortly after the checkout process and so agrees to wait a reasonable amount of time for stock to be bought and delivered from another retailer - at an increased cost if necessary to ensure quick despatch - and then forwarded on from us to the customer.

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Pricing of Items and Services

The prices of Items and Services may go up or down at anytime and are subject to change. If the price of an item decreases whilst an item is out of stock and waiting to be dispatched, we may refund the customer the difference if we see fit to, and if so, will notify the customer and do this as soon as possible alongside the shipping of their item as normal (refunds may take upto 28 days).

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Images and Description of Items

Services and Items offered are as the title and description depicts, photos are for illustrative purposes only and colour, shapes and size may vary but any actual item changes will always be of equal or greater value otherwise the difference in price will be issued back to the customer or a refund given (minus postage incurred from both the customer and ourselves).

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Disclaimer, Liability and Proceedings

If a console is sent in for repairs, we recommend all removable parts be removed. This includes but may not be limited to; Hard-Drives, Video Cables, Power Cables and Memory Cards. All items left on or in the console upon arrival to us can not always be vouched for and we disclaim all liability to lost or damaged items whilst they are in our possession. Returning these items may incur extra postage costs upon return to the customer (these must be paid for before the return of the console and/or it's accessories).

A console sent in for repairs has no guarantee of being fixed as it has been found that some consoles (both Playstation 3's and Xbox 360's) cannot be fixed after having broken. Due to this, we require a non-refundable £15 inspection fee upon arrival of the console for labour and time costs incurred whilst a fix is attempted. If a fix is successful, the £15 will be deducted from the final cost.

A console sent to us could possibly be damaged or faulty beyond repair before it arrives to us, in this case, it will not be tampered with further and returned to the customer (minus the postage costs for returning it aswell as costs incurred at the customer sending the console in) or be charged a £15 inspection fee as described above if a fix is unsuccesful.

We will not be held liable for any damage a console may suffer whilst in our possession and even though this is unlikely, it is possible. The console will be returned to the customer and we may try to compensate the customer if we feel this is justified (minus postage costs on our and the customers behalf).

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Damages, Breakages and Disclaimer

All modifications to consoles are undertaken with the utmost care but in the unlikely event that a console is damaged or broken, we will not be held liable in any way, but may compensate the customer if possible.

Images of modifications, repairs and items are for illustrative purposes and colours may vary aswell as end results. The descriptions of modifications and repairs are listed as close as possible to what we will hope to end up with your console and we will do the utmost to uphold this but the customer accepts that the end result may vary slightly from the description given on our website but not vary so greatly it does not resemble the repair, modification or upgrade offered.

ConsoleModShop.co.uk will attempt to contact the customer at least 3 times after a console has been repaired. After this, if any consoles with outstanding charges are left for more than 28 days in our possession without contact from the customer, will become the property of ConsoleModShop.co.uk and will either be kept, disposed of or sold (either as a whole or in parts) to recuperate losses - this is non-negotiable.

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Goods in Transit

Any items or consoles damaged and or broken during transit from the customer to ourselves is not our fault but of the Shipping company used. We will not be held liable for anything that may occur until the console has reached us, been signed for or accepted and is in our possession.

If items or consoles that are damaged on the way the customer from ourselves then we hold no responsibility and will not be held lliable for any damages occuring during shipping. If items are damaged whilst being sent from us to the customer, we will do our best to get a compensation from the shipping company then if successful, compensate the customer upon return of the faulty items (minus postage costs incurred sending the items back and vice versa). In this scenario, the customer agrees to wait an unspecified amount of time whilst we attempt to recover losses and money back from the shipping company in return for the lost or damaged items (We will attempt to recover money for losses as soon as possible).

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Shipping Methods and Returns

Once a Part (Replacement or Upgrade) has been purchased, it can only be returned if it is faulty. Unwanted items may be returned on an agreed basis (the customer must ring and check this is possible with us beforehand), and in this case we shall refund the customer minus postage and packaging costs (this will be discussed with the customer at the same point as agreeing or rejecting a return).

Our shipping to the customer will be through a courier of our choice and may be subject to change as is necessary to save us and the customer costs and time. We will inform you of the courier we have chosen upon despatch and give you a tracking number if necessary. If a parcel needs to be signed for, is rejected and results in the parcel being returned to us the customer agrees to pay any extra costs incurred, through sending it back to base (ourselves) or re-posting it to the customer. If the parcel is undeliverable due to noone being able to sign for it or any other reason, the decision of returning the parcel, and what happens is upto the shipping company. The customer accepts if the parcel is undeliverable (for any reason) and returns to us, that extra postage costs will incur and agree to pay them.

As a consumer, you hold the right to return unwanted goods within 7 days of receiving the order. If you do wish to cancel the order, the item must be Unopened, Untampered with and Unused. The item must also be returned at your expense. Once the item is returned to us, we will give a full refund within 28 days of receiving and checking the parcel to ensure it has not been opened or tampered with.

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Data Collection and Distribution

We may collect information from you, the customer in the form of a "Cookie" which contains information such as an IP Address, traffic data, and etc. which cannot be personally used to Identify you but may be able to identify your computer - If you wish, you can set your internet browser to refuse accepting cookies.

ConsoleModShop.co.uk will Never give your information to 3rd parties or sell your information and upholds an aim of customer privacy and confidentiality. The only exception to this is that if a government service requires information - example; The Police performing a Criminal Investigation or Television Services checking on people who have bought T.V.'s etc.

Your Payment Details and Customer Details are stored on PayPal's Secure system (if used by the customer).

ConsoleModShop.co.uk will collect a Name and contact number from the customer as well as an address if necessary and the serial numbers from any console sent in (to prevent fraud). Any customer attempting to scam or commit fraud will be noted and details may be forwarded onto the relevant law enforcement agency.

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ConsoleModShop.co.uk's main form of communication is through e-mail, the customer agrees that e-mail can be used as the main and long distance form of communication. As the registered address for the business is not always the same place that our operating stations and workshop's are placed so there is not a permanent telephone number or support over the phone service although if you need to send written communication, it should be sent to;

ConsoleModShop.co.uk, 292 Staines Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5AS.

All orders placed are not complete until a confirmation e-mail is sent back from ConsoleModShop.co.uk, confirming the order has been placed and the payment has been received. This is agreed by the customer that this will be the main form of communication and that it is effectively communicated to you (whether or not the e-mail is received).

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All Xbox 360's repaired by us come with a 3 month return-to-base warranty which we can change or cease to offer at any time. The warranty does not cover postage (sending or returning), but will cover repair (but not replacement) in the form of parts and labour upto the cost of £50, as long as the console has not been tampered by the customer before sending it back or damaged through abnormal circumstances (including but not limited to overheating due to bad placement, dropping the system, excessive use). Playstation 3 repairs do not come with a warranty as the 'Yellow Light of Death' is an unspecified hardware error disallowing us to pinpoint with accuracy which parts of the console need repairing.

We will place our own warranty/void stickers on the console which if found to have been tampered with, will result in the warranty we offer being void, and the customer paying the postage to have their console returned to them. We reserve the right to refuse warranty to any customer who we believe has tampered or attempted to open the console.

Sending a console to us, for repairs, modifications or upgrades will void your warranty with the manufacturer of the console and so we advise any repairs to be sent in to the manufacturer if they still offer a warranty before sending it into us. The customer agrees by sending their console to us that the warranty will be voided once the console is opened by us and that if it has already been opened, ConsoleModShop.co.uk can and may refuse to attempt repairs, modifications or upgrades on the console as it may be already damaged or faulty beyond repair and may charge the customer a fee of £15 for time and labour if this is undisclosed at time of placing an order for repair with ConsoleModShop.co.uk.

Any repairs to faulty disc drives will not come with a warranty as the parts are not replaced and so we cannot guarantee the lifespan of other manufacturers parts. If the drive ceases to read discs within a month of the repair taking place, if the customer returns the console to us, we will happily take a look at it and if no extra parts or extensive time is required, we will repair it if possible, free of charge.

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The Law

The payments we receive are for the time, labour and the materials we put into the services offered, that our customers may purchase. We are not being paid to supply illegal methods of playing games, ways to play games which were never meant to be played by the designated systems or do we change, edit or use other people's codes to do this (in the case of modchips). This is illegal and ConsoleModShop.co.uk or any of it's affiliates do not condone ANY Form of Illegal activity in ANY way.

Currently, the law (in the UK), allows the owner of a game to make a single backup or copy. This is as long as they are in possession of the original and in this case, the need for a modification to the DVD Drive Firmware is necessary. This is legal for the reasons that the customer will play backups of games they already own, Homebrew software or 3rd Party Software for Preservation, Maintenance and or Servicing Purposes which is allowed by Law.

The sale and use of Pre-Coded modchips to circumnavigate copyright protection is illegal in the UK. This is true and correct by law, If and when ConsoleModShop.co.uk start selling Modchips, we will be being paid for our soldering skills and time, and we will sell blank ModChips without modified code (which is illegal).

If ConsoleModShop.co.uk are led to believe that a customer may be using the services we offer to perform illegal activities such as gaining access to games illegally, ConsoleModShop.co.uk can refuse to repair or modify consoles sent to us and customer details may be forwarded to the relevant law enforcement agency.

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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an item, service, modification, upgrade or repair from us, either through the website or in person, you are accepting these terms and conditions as they are written and understand that we will not be held liable for any reason nor purpose whatsoever as described in these terms and conditions. You also accept that these terms and conditions may change at anytime without notice and should be read and understood fully before placing an order.

You also accept that these terms and conditions are status to change or be updated at any time.

These terms and conditions do not affect or conflict with your statutory rights.

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